• Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

Innovative Aquatics specializes in Salt water display designs, installations, relocations, maintaining professional custom commercial or residential saltwater aquariums in the metro Atlanta area.

Saltwater and Freshwater Maintenance and Repair

  1. Inspect livestock
  2. Inspect equipment
  3. Test ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, specific gravity
  4. Maintain water levels
  5. Treat and substantially clean algae from inside of glass/acrylic
  6. Perform up to a 45% water change
  7. Gravel/Substrate vacuum detritus and nitrogenous wastes (this task is performed during the water change)
  8. Check filters to see if they need new filter pads/carbon or other media
  9. Substantially clean glass tops
  10. Wipe down outside of stand/canopy to remove water stains, drips, salt creep residue and dust.
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